How Advertisers can best use Facebook Ads

Part 1: How to best use Facebook Sponsored Stories and Promoted Posts

Are you looking to advertise on Facebook but wonder whether people will ignore or click on your ad? Maybe you’ve got the wrong kind of ad in mind. Below are two different Facebook ads and how they are best used to reach your potential audiences.

1. Sponsored Stories.  

sponsored stories

It’s no secret that consumers trust each other’s opinions about a brand before they can take your word for it.

Sponsored Stories are one of the best ways to use word-of-mouth advertising on Facebook. They show an individual exactly how their friend interacted with your page – liked, commented or both.

Sponsored Stories also give you the option to choose which of these actions you want to promote and whether they are related to a specific post on your page, or your page as a whole.

Seeing how one’s Facebook friends interact with your brand helps build trust and can be used to grow your page as well as drive engagement.

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However, be careful when you pick your Sponsored Stories; you want to make sure that they are linked to a post that has generally done well. While transparency still remains important, you also want to make sure that you are promoting positivity rather than negativity about your brand.

Below is an example of MTN South Africa, a cellphone brand that did not look ahead at what kinds of stories it might be promoting:

MTN sponsored stories

2. Promoted Posts

Yellow pages promoted post

Ever had a post that has done so well, it makes you want to repost it so that more people can see it? Well, since only 10-16% of your fans see a post you put out, Promoted Post advertising is ideal because it helps generate a wider reach.

“A Promoted Post helps you reach more of your fans who weren’t around to see your content when you first published it or who didn’t see it because they haven’t proven to care much about your content in the past.”Jon Loomer

Promoted Posts are best used to launch a product, drive awareness and drive consumption – link clicks, video views, website traffic – .

To find out how to set up your Sponsored Stories and Promoted Posts, request a free consultation here.

Choosing the right Facebook ad that will work best really depends on your goals and objectives. Request a free consultation to find out how to best align your objectives to your marketing strategy.

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