State of the Nation Address- #SONA2014 Infographic


#SONA2014 Infographic

Jacob Zuma, the President of the Republic announced the 7th of May as the day Provincial and National elections would be held. An eventful four year term by the ruling party with Jacob Zuma at the helm, combined with external events such as the passing of Tata Mandela increased suspense for the contents of this year’s version of the annual State of the Nation address. We, at ZA Social Media, have compiled an informative infographic on the State of Nation address that illustrates highlights and insights on this years’ address taken from Twitter.

The hashtag we used to track the conversation was #SONA2014. There was a total of 45 480 interactions around the hashtag.  25 887 of those tweets were original tweets. This means people tweeting directly with the #SONA2014 hashtag. 19 593 were retweets, this means people retweeted tweets by others with the #SONA2014 hashtag.

The time frame for tracking the tweets was from 13th February 12am till 14th February. The activity on Twitter on the day of the SONA speech showed the peak time for engagement was 7pm with a total of 21 137 tweets sent out at that time. The reason for peak engagement at this time can be attributed to the speech commencing at 7pm. As with any important national event, certain influencers started and shaped the conversation around the SONA. The following four users were mentioned the most on the night of the SONA. Khaya Dlanga received the most mentions with 692 mentions. This can be attributed to the high number of tweets that were sent out from his account. Social commentator and puppet, Chester Missing came in second at 297 mentions which can be attributed with the high number of tweets sent out from his Twitter account as well as his avid engagement of mostly political issues on Twitter. Third, Radio 702 with 286 mentions. Lastly, News24 came in at 267 mentions which is due to its coverage of the SONA.

Our inforgraphic also highlights the type of devices that we used when tracking the SONA conversation on Twitter. Blackberry users were at 33%. Android users came in second with a significantly less 15%. The percentage for iOS users was 15%. Web users came in at 11%. Windows users at 5%. When tracking the SONA conversation on Twitter, we found it pertinent to track certain keywords around the SONA conversation. These hashtags help with giving a holistic vi

ew of the event by tracking what else was important to Twitter users. #Zuma was highest at 26% for obvious reasons. #Fashion came in second at 6% which is not surprising considering the red carpet element of the SONA. Both the DA Youth and the Parliament Twitter accounts encouraged users to include a picture, popularly known as a ‘selfie’ to participate in the festivities. They came in at 4%. SABC (#SABC) news came in at 3% while the ever popular Nkandla at 2%.

The SONA rightfully addressed economic, social and political issues. The topic that received the most amount of engagement on Twitter was corruption. Corruption (#corruption) received 27%. Jobs (#Jobs) received 25%. Economy (#economy) received 14%. Education (#education) received 11%. Youth (#youth) also received 11%. Crime (#crime) came in at 6% and lastly Health
(#health) came in at 6%.

Jacob Zuma’s four year term has been one that was extremely eventful, the contents of the State of the Nation Address therefore much anticipated. This inforgraphic captures into one image the conversations, influencers and extent of the conversation surrounding the State of the Nation Address on the 13th of February.


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